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Hey now! We heard you're ready to take the next steps with entrepreneurship and we’re here for it. We’re a creative company founded with bootstraps just like you and we bet our Brand Standard Experience is just what you need to elevate your business from concept to completion.

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just what you need to start your business

So what is the brand standard experience?

Before we came together to create The Caldwell Creative, we noticed that although the development of a female-owned business is one of the fastest rising statistics, the market itself is sadly underserved when it comes to resources that are both applicable to helping their businesses grow while also still being affordable.

Sure, any business can be successful if you have endless capital supporting it, but in the majority of cases of female startups, that’s simply not the case. We also firmly believe in the idea of elevating others success, so we decided to combine our passions for women empowerment, brand strategy and creativity to bring the public...

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The Brand Standard Experience

we hear you!

This 8 week experience merges strategy with actionable steps to actually start and launch your business in a nicely priced bundle!

We offer 8 weeks of one on one consulting and designing so that you can work on your brand and learn how to run your business!

We get it – some of y’all may be full-time entrepreneurs ready to light the flame and go full sprint whereas others are transitioning away from desk jobs to make entrepreneurship more than just a side hustle.

Whatever your pace, this package has been perfectly designed to provide you with all the right resources.

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What's Included?

-Business Questionnaire
-Private Slack Community
-One on One, Weekly Development Clarity Calls
-Filing Your Legal Entity
-Review + Application of our Resource Library for Your Business
-Brand Development Meetings
-Concept + Strategy Worksheet
-Brand Photography Evaluation
-Client Homework
-Custom Business Process Walkthrough
-Branding Questionnaire
-Weekly One on One Branding Calls
-Design Meetings
-Website Template Overview
-Brand Walkthrough
-Brand Launch Plan
-Customer Experience Strategy
-Company Theme + Messaging
-17hats + Showit Subscriptions
-Access to our One of a Kind Business Creation Process 

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This month only $2499

We are Niché + Shameka! A business bestie duo with a passion for people of color in entrepreneurship and we've been right where you are! 

We scavenged high and low to piece together businesses and brands and we were successful but way over any kind of budget. Spending over 8k in branding alone for one brand and 4k in strategy, we learned the hard way that when you're starting out, your funds are the most important thing you can secure.

Our time and energy went to all the right things but just at the wrong times. So, we don't want you to make the same mistakes. Don't scour the internet to find a logo here and learning how to create a concept from another source. Often times, they won't match. 

Instead, utilize our one of a kind, proven method that is financially responsible and is a proven way to get your business out of the idea phase and to the launched phase. 

It's hard work to run a business but reality is, you should be spending most of your time on selling in your business. 

With our process, in 8 weeks flat you learn the skills and get the resources to not only start your business, but you are actually running your business from the day you hit the publish button on your new site.

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We'll see you in August!  

So, what are you waiting for?!

Let’s get your business on track and launched in weeks, not years!

If you’re not already on the application page and still curious to learn a bit more about the program, here’s a bit more info about us!

— markevia mincey @mkevacollection

"The Caldwell Creative was just what I needed. I went from feeling so lost and overwhelmed to complete ease. I love what they did with my brand and site!"

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