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With daily freebies, prompts, scriptures for social and more, we can really explore how God sees our business and how we can grow and align our businesses with our faith as believing Mompreneurs! 


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The Brand Standard Podcast

Woman of God ✅

Woman of Color ✅

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Trying to find Clarity, Purpose and still have a Nice Personality ✅


The Brand Standard represents our lives + our brands. Building and enhancing women of God in entrepreneurship.


Encouraging you while we encourage ourselves. We set the bar for the rest of the world, we need to set and exceed the bar for ourselves.


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Branding & Web Design for Creative Mompreneurs

hey mama's

We are mompreneurs, niché & shameka

We were at a place in our lives where we had to decide to push ourselves to grow. We had become wives, mothers and focused on our faith. Yet, there was still something buzzing inside us that we wanted to explore. But, how? With what time left in the day?

We both researched different arenas, opened other businesses, and started offering consultations for clients in between feeding our families. With no real systems, we went through trial and error and soon after, created a signature process for ourselves.

We are hard core researchers who are self taught experts in making it work right, look amazing and function beautifully with time to spare for the other things we love. 

You need seamless systems, appealing branding and a website that converts with ease. Our signature process ensures just that!

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