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Every business needs a system if not several systems to run properly. Some people pay hundreds and thousands of dollars and even get investments to ensure that their process is seamless and ran by someone else. Investors for your company are more likely interested in your growth for obvious reasons and the only way to really grow is to market and add members to your team. Secret: You can’t do everything!

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Multitasking is killing your productivity. It’s been proven and tested. It’s way harder to do two things at once with all your energy and focus rather than perfecting one thing at a time and churning out your best work. The best way I’ve found to eliminate multitasking is...

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Your audience needs to consistently hear from you and in a consistent way that aligns with your values as a brand. It's confusing to get online or on social media and see a completely different brand show up than what is represented on your website or within your logo. The strategy guide here, helps you question yourself in the right way to answer the tough questions you didn't realize you needed to have answered.

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