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Let's Design Your Dream Biz, Together

You'll have us at your side and since we're strategists, creatives + productivity ninjas who believe in building your business to work for you, you'll bring the ideal business, we'll bring the design- systems, branding and web!

You don't have to start or revamp all alone

It's time. It's just time! Focus on your dream and claim your destiny.

Sometimes doing it alone makes it feel not worth doing at all... I remember when I started and felt overwhelmed with the amount of things to do. If that's you, we're your girls! 

We coach you through creating a system for your business, creating a branding suite and a web design that works and looks beautiful! 

We get down in the dirt with you but we guide you to the wash room so you can clean it all up, hit launch on your site and sell to your ideal client!

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How it works

bring us

All your ideas, thoughts and dreams so that we can guide you on where, how and when to start!

give us

A dedicated 8 weeks and 10 sessions with us at your side, to work on and launch your business.


Your product or service! This is what's so amazing. You can finally arrive at a place of peace and can sell with complete confidence!

i can help because i've been there

xo, Niché

Five years ago, I was searching for a one stop shop...

"I looked all over for a company to do my website, branding and help me tie everything all together on the back end, helping me run my business with my shiny new things!

I found no one who could do all three and so... I created it! 

I wanted to offer women an opportunity to run their businesses effectively with tools and online platforms that also played well together with their branding and web design. To me, it all has to work together and not having cohesiveness across the board creates frustration and overwhelm."


unable to put the pieces together

By pieces we mean, a system, links, automation, workflows, branding, design...etc. If you have none of these, we're ready to help!

overwhelmed with doing it alone

When you're alone, it's easy to get distracted and lose focus. You need accountability and a cheerleader... We're ready to do both!

not sure if what you have looks good

It's great to get started and just put it out there and we've done that. But, it's also great to get serious about attracting your ideal client, streamlining your workflow and hitting goals that you actually set and build a strategy to get there! Don't you need that?

You need,

Coached to launch

learn how to create workflows + setup PLATFORMs for you and your team to make the most of your workday

you will create a branding suite to appeal to your ideal client including: color scheme, logo. stamp + inspiration

you'll be able to setup your crm, email marketing + project management softwares

you will customize a website template to your brand with all social links and platforms connected

sessions with the tcc team to walk you through how to effectively use your new brand and business organization system and answer any questions!

8 week timeline

this is for me

- kristel d.

"The TCC ladies are real life ninjas. I have not seen anything like it! They work with ease and flow so quickly..."


shannan streamlined her entire client experience

“Honestly, what TCC did for my website and client process changed me and my business forever and for the better.”

My clients are booking 10x's faster and I have made twice as many sales since I've streamlined the clients experience, all with the help of TCC. I handed them chaos and they gave me back a business that practically runs itself. 

the m.keva collection increased sales instantly

"I went from a hopeless designer to professionalism and the results were so good."

"TCC was just what I needed, when I needed it. I went from a hopeless designer to professionalism and the results were so good. TCC gave me complete ease. I love what they did with my new brand and site."

This could be you....

dee now takes clients with confidence

"I went from barely wanting to send an invoice to complete confidence with new clients"

"I remember telling them when I sent my first invoice on 17hats! Niché was right there to celebrate with me. They were there for my launch and they never let me quit! For that, I'm grateful!"


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- melissa

“If you're On the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”

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