How to Launch a Business with Balance and Clarity in 2021

Balance + Clarity for 2021

It’s a time in this world where everyone is at odds and people forget their humanity… but as a new business owner, that’s exactly where we need to tap in so that our clients and potential clients can see us and understand us. How we serve our clients and how we solve their biggest problems are the keys when launching a business with balance and clarity, not only for us, but for our clients as well.

Here are 3 Things to Have in Place Before You Welcome Your 1st or 100th client into your business family; all to ensure you both have balance and clarity

  1. You need a seamless process for Sales, Content Sharing, + Client Experience
  2. You must have a CLEAR problem solving tagline ie. Your Help Statement
  3. You need a professional and impressive on boarding/welcome for your clients

Let’s get to it!


You need a seamless process for Sales, Content Sharing, + Client Experience

When it comes to creating and generating sales, you want to make sure that your potential clients can find exactly what they’re looking for. If you’re introducing something you’re selling to someone you’ve never met, they cannot guess where you’re hiding the buy button. They need the information of what they’re getting, how it helps them and how they can use it and then a button to purchase immediately after that.

Having 10 different options for one product and 6 different ways to get to you causes confusion and discredits what you are actually selling.

If you see all these sales pages floating around, it’s because people are wanting a clearly defined option and way to buy. When you streamline what you’re selling, you’ll streamline who and how clients buy from you.

Having a process will clarify to your potential client that you’re the best person/business for the problem they need solved. How?

Make sure you have a landing page, payment option(s) (no more than 3), an automatically generated emailed receipt/confirmation, and a way to reach out to you for questions (typically embedded into the confirmation email.) Also, here’s the time when a sequence will help to nurture your new clients. This works for delivering a freebie/lead generation giveaway. Have a sequence where your new prospect can learn more about you and fall more in love with your services.

For content sharing, make sure you have a schedule. A schedule means you’ve made a plan and have selected a time slot or schedule for when you’ll get these things done. This way, you’ll have balance in your work week. You’ll know what you’re doing and when based off of the goals and schedules you’ve set. Have the software necessary to get it done as easily as possible. We use Later to schedule, Canva to create, The Blueprint Planner to iron it all out on paper and of course, Instagram + Pinterest to share our content. Balance is so necessary when you have 1000 things going at once. You have to be intentional, goal oriented and diligent in protecting your balance and therefore protecting your peace.

Your client experience is everything when it comes to clarity and balance. You want your client to navigate through your business seamlessly without having to interrupt or chat with them at every single step. To do that, walk through your process yourself or have a beta tester walk through it for you and gather feedback. With the feedback you can tighten up any loose ends or add a step or two when something is missing.

You must have a CLEAR problem solving tagline ie. Your Help Statement

When you are clearly talking to your target audience, you’ve got to ensure your help statement removes all doubt about you or your product/service but also leads to a question of how for your client.

Examples of good help statements:

I help pediatric dentists generate leads using Facebook ads.

I help struggling new moms create routine and balance with my signature lifestyle guides

Here’s ours: We help pro athletes wives, start, launch and grow themselves and their businesses online with out signature method.

You need a professional and impressive on boarding/welcome for your clients

You can completely set the tone for your project when your on boarding experience is delightful for your client. Having a client that is excited to get started with you, who is looking forward to your service and who wants to tell people about how you’ve helped them, gives so much clarity in your business.

You’;l have confidence in knowing that who and how you’re serving your audience is working and is needed.

Set the tone by having an on boarding process that they won’t forget. If you’re service based like we are, use a Schedule Your Kickoff call as a button in your confirmation email. This keeps the momentum going shortly after your client has paid for a portion of or all of your deliverable. We also have a picture of us in the email so they know its from us specifically and we also include our own emails in the confirmation so they know they’ll be taken care of by us, should any questions arise.

Hopefully, all these tips help you gain more clarity and balance when ironing out and deciding how to run your business!


To your continued success,

Niché + Shameka

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