Sending thank you notes and client gifts as a creative entrepreneur

Clients love when they know you care. They know you’ve gone the extra mile and they know you thought of them, outside of their project, when you send a hand written thank you note. I love to DIY our client gifts and then send notecards that I personally have signed simply because that’s what I would love to get. I send clients, who have purchased packages from us, a handwritten thank you and a little treat to remind them of our gratefulness. They are the reason we are in business and the reason we stay in business and so I send them a small thank you! It may be old fashioned but that’s how I think we all should be sometimes.

Papersource has so many fun trinkets, gifts and most importantly, PAPER. Their paper is so thick and luxurious. That’s exactly the message I want to send to clients. A little note of luxury from our small business to their neck of the woods I hope goes a long way.

Here’s why I think paper source is our go-to!

  • DIY adds personalization for every card
  • High quality proves credibility and a high interest in the client and the craft
  • Fun environment to shop and have a day out of the office
  • Helps to try new things every time we go in which freshens up the brand while still remaining consistent
  • Better than typing an email
  • Clients will think of you again and most likely recommend you when someone they know needs your service.

We love to head out to Papersource and thank you notes are a few of the tings we’ve picked up from there. I’ve also gotten the embossing pen, heat gun and powder to add even more with the cards I send. They offer many products dealing with paper but since I’m already married and we will have way more clients than husbands, to feed my stationary habit, I buy thank you’s and fun thins for my clients! Let me know what you like to buy for yourself or even for your clients?

To your continued success,

Niché + Shameka

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