The Best Scheduling App for Creative Entrepreneurs

For many service based businesses, appointments are a necessity! You have to meet whether you like to or not. Typically, when someone contacts you, they’re looking to talk to or meet with you. After a few emails back and forth, you’ve finally gotten to the point where you both have found availability, discussed what the meeting is about and how long each of you has to meet. By that time, you could have been working for a solid hour on something else that moves your business forward.

Calendly removes the back and forth so that you can get back to the business of actually running your business!

In this scheduling platform/application, you set your own schedule, create events that are bookable by your clients and then send out links to these events. In doing so, you eliminate the back and forth and hours of waiting for emails to be responded to. With Calendly, you simply set it and wait for the bookings to come through.

We use these links exclusively embedded in our response emails that are automated through 17hats. So, when we wake up and head to the office every day, our schedules are already set, clients have booked in the appropriate times that I’ve set and we have clarity about what’s happening and when.

There isn’t much room for back and forth when you have 1000 other things to do working the inner workings of operating your creative business. This platform eliminates yet another thing that is time consuming and frustrating when people just aren’t available.

We don’t always get the luxury of having assistants to book our meetings or even an assistant to manage our calendars. But with Calendly, you can set your events, have those meetings only when you specify and integrate several other applications to make a smooth process for running your business.

What integrations do I mean? Picture this: Your client has contacted you through Instagram and they instantly receive a response to fill out your contact form. After the form, they get an email that houses a link to schedule a call with you. They schedule a call at their availablity and they automatically receive the Zoom link you’ve integrated so they know where to click or call at the time of the appointment!!

How many times did you send an email? Zero. How many times have you talked or discussed when you have time to meet? Zero! How does your client feel about you? Like you are professional, timely and that your time is valuable so I better come with my stuff together for this call!

That’s absolutely the power of Calendly. In comparison to other platforms I haven’t seen one that is more affordable, more powerful and works better. This is the platform we use and love and it’s so easy to get started.

They have a free option for life that allows only a certain number of events you can create but honestly, paying under $100 a year for one user, for unlimited events is very affordable when you add up all the time you’ve saved as well as the appeal and impression you’ve made on your clients!

Start with Calendly here!

To your continued success,

Niché + Shameka

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