Secrets to Atlanta-Based Start-Up Company Success

You are probably wondering if this is when I offer something really big and really expensive, right? Well, nope it isn’t. I really want to give you the deets on this sauce that every single successful person has. It’s the one thing that sets you apart form everyone else and all the competition. It’s the one thing that you have that no one else has. Have you guessed it yet?

The secret sauce to selling is YOU. You are the awesome-sauce that it takes to bridge the gap between want to and killed it. It’s you that has a passion for your business and can explain it and sell it to someone with your eyes closed. 

We all have our faults in business and it surely takes time to recognize your strengths, but the main ingredient in this whole mixture is YOU. You’ve got this and you know what you want to accomplish. I struggle myself with making my accomplishments public but we’ve got to do it. Your site has to be consistent, your branding has to align with your message, and your ideal client has to be clear on what you have to offer and why you’re the best at it. So, tell them. Let them know who they are messing with here. You’ve got a great product that you know will benefit them in a major way so why aren’t people flocking to you in droves? You haven’t told your story. 

You have to tell people in this business of entrepreneurship and be ready to back it up with testimonials and pictures to prove it. If you’re just starting out, you can fill those spots with what makes you tick. Let your audience fall in love with what you have to offer. They can’t buy your service or product if they don’t believe in who they’re buying it from. Pump yourself up and make sure to take great pictures. This is all about you, babe. Present yourself to your audience as you want them to perceive you. 

Tips on doing this: 

  • Get a styled, purposeful and bomb photoshoot that matches perfectly with your brand. 
  • Take your about section or bio to the professionals. If it’s hard for you to talk about yourself, let someone else do it. 
  • Plan your social media with campaigns and purposeful posts that drive people to your site. 
  • Make yourself available for questions and respond promptly and professionally when people reach out.

You’ve got to get a handle on why you are the one that’s selling. Again, you’re the sauce so tell your audience why you’re the best. Take a shot at giving yourself credit for starting and for creating. There are so many people out there who will be inspired by your story and your will to start. If only they knew you for you! Get to work!

It’s time to blow up!


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