How to Find your Ideal Client as a Creative Entrepreneur

Your ideal client is out there! I know they are. You’ve started a business and you saw a need that needed to be met. If you know who your ideal client is, that’s great. But this should also lead you into the type of branding you have. The logo isn’t all of your branding. It is the meaning of your branding. It represents the message you want to send to each person that sees it. Your ideal client is always based on what you have to offer and who needs what you want to sell. 

Once you have a business idea, you know that there was a demand or a lack in some area or in some way. You’re either selling a product, offering services or making something more convenient. Either option automatically narrows down who your ideal client is and what they want. 

For products and services human nature tells you to get your product in front of any and everybody. But, that just isn’t reality and it isn’t helpful. This won’t be lucrative for you since we need to calculate how much time we spend on something to determine if the return on investment is worth it. By the time you’ve set up a marketing plan for everybody in the world, life would be over and you’ve missed out. Narrowing down your target market/ideal client doesn’t mean eliminating all other people. It means your focus shifts to one particular group for a very defined reason. Some of those reasons could be access, reliability, relate ability, and the need you fulfill for that group. For example, if I’m a bar-b-que restaurant, I have no business showing up to vegan/vegetarian cook offs. Nor will my marketing target anyone who is vegetarian or vegan. My target audience eats meat, loves ribs, most likely enjoys family, watching a big game and inviting people over. Now, more specifically, if my restaurant is in the center of Atlanta, I would target those closest to my restaurant and host events around the things I know meat eaters most likely like to do. There’s tons of marketing firms and research groups that can really help you narrow down you ideal client but they can get pricey. As long as you remember what need you’re serving, who needs it the most, where they live, where they shop and who that person is at the core, you’ll get to the client you need. Everyone else is an added bonus. Because let’s face it, someone in center city Atlanta will stroll into this bar-b-que place if only just to give it a try and they may not be your target client. Don’t forget good old fashioned customer service to everyone but hone in on who needs what you have to offer most.

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  1. Billy Collins says:

    Very simple and well said. Customer service goes very far!

  2. Your ideal client, deal, home, job, spouse – it’s all out there! That’s what I received from this. Thank you for inspiring so many… your energy is infectious.

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