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Hopefully the last few love letters have been helpful to you but now I’m ready to get personal. For years I have been trying to figure out what my true gift was and also what exactly I should be doing to use that gift. Yes, I’m a writer but even saying that aloud shuts me down internally. My greatest gift sometimes stifles and intimidates me. I’m just not as confident in something I’ve been doing since I was 9. I’m not sure exactly why but I do know that I couldn’t even breathe a word of me being a writer to anyone for years.


It’s still weird for me to say it but I think because I finally put out my first novel, I can at least refer to that when I get the question, “Well, what do you write?” I never told anyone I was a writer because I didn’t want to hear that question. I just didn’t have an answer. I hadn’t written anything and I wasn’t currently working on anything so it was very hard for me to express that I think I’m good at writing and I just do it in my spare time when I need to escape life. (Rolls eyes…) 


It’s just not easy to share our gifts. Rejection is real, criticism, jealousy and even envy is very real. I just didn’t want that type of attention from something I hold so close to my heart. I had some real life lessons to learn about my gift and well, here I am. Sharing, giving and doing my best. But, enough about me. You know the outcome of that story (I wrote a book, currently for sale on Amazon through the kindle app. Read it and leave a review *winks*)


This is about you. I have millions, literally millions of reasons to tell you to just start but the best one I know to tell you, is to start because so many before you could not. We are so blessed to have the knowledge, opportunity, resources and access that we have now that it would be a shame to lose a chance at living our dreams because we are scared. Yes! It’s scary! Yes. It costs money, time, sweat, long hours, disappointment and it is also the most rewarding, life saving and gift giving place to live.


You can work somewhere for someone else, helping them achieve their dream all your life. They can still fire you and leave you to feel empty because you’ve given all you had to someone who knows you are expendable and replaceable.


But here, in this place of true entrepreneurship, where the good Lord and your dreams control your destiny and where your real dreams and goals can be lived out, is more than enough reason to just start.

Let me tell you something. It won’t be easy and it won’t be perfect. But, that’s okay and you will still live to work hard and try again the next day. You will want to quit and you will feel like a failure, I can guarantee that. But, so what? You still have something to give. So give it. (Cue: Aaliyah- Try Again)


I once heard, “if you’re waiting to start until everything is just perfectly right, you’ve waited too late.” It won’t ever be the right time. It won’t ever be the perfectly pretty way to begin. And, if you wait, you never know who you’ve missed. Someone is waiting for you to begin because they need what you have to offer. They need your gift. “How anyone could deny themselves the pleasure of my company is beyond me…” Zora Neal Hurston. 


Don’t deny anyone the chance to work with you and get all the goods you have to offer. There are some real problems out there that need solving and my friend, you’re the only one with the answer. Just start!

All our love,

Niché + Shameka

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