18 Resources Every Creative Business Must Have

Welcome guys!! I’m so excited you’ll be taking this ride with me… Inside this series we will really get to the nitty gritty of a bomb branding experience that you can apply to your business and any entrepreneurial endeavors. But, first things first. Every business needs a system if not several systems to run properly. Some people pay hundreds and thousands of dollars and even get investments to ensure that their process is seamless and ran by someone else. Investors for your company are more likely interested in your growth for obvious reasons and the only way to really grow is to market and add members to your team. Secret: You can’t do everything! (Even though I try to daily.) You just can’t do every single thing, every single time. “Well, Niché, I’m the only one in my business right now and I do, do everything.” 

I did everything myself too for a long time but honestly, was it worth working literally 24 hours in a day, loosing sleep, missing time with my kids and husband and not getting that girlfriend time I needed? No. It just isn’t. So, you can try to do everything but as you focus on one thing, the other thing that’s at the bottom of your TO DO List pile, is suffering and most assuredly, getting forgotten about. 

Easy solution. There are small investments you can personally make now, that will set you up for success even without the huge investment of money for a team. My list below just scratches the surface and there are several alternate options for each thing on my list. Most importantly, there is a list. There is a system in place and my business is getting ran more efficiently, more accurately and with a better client experience. So, before we brand, let’s do some background company work. Here’s my list.


I use each one of these resources on this list on a weekly if not a daily basis. I strongly suggest using these or their competitors. Each company on this list doesn’t have to be an absolution. I love 17hats and have used it for some years now, but if HoneyBook is a better fit for you, use that. Same thing with Asana. Trello is a favorite for many but Asana is more my speed. 

Take some time and venture through these resources. They will significantly change the way you run your business and set you up for success. It does take a lengthy investment of time but once you’ve done it, you will be all the happier. They all have help documents and videos that will be helpful, but sometimes hearing from someone familiar makes it better. If you need help with any of these or have specific questions, I’ll help however I can. I’m here for you! Shoot me an email at niche@thecaldwellcreative.com.

Best of luck!

*I am not receiving any money nor do I have any affiliation with these resources. These are for informational purposes only and should not be used as professional business advice. Consult an attorney or business consultant for legal information and best practices.

It’s time to blow up!

All our love,

Niché + Shameka

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  1. Tarena says:

    I love how practical this information is and although I am not an entrepreneur, I can apply these concepts to my daily life. Thank you, Niche, for permission to blow up and glow up!

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